Buncefield MB Re-route Works Award

We have recently been awarded the Buncefield MB-Re-route works by BPA.
The contract involves the diversion of the MB pipeline to enable recontruction works of the site.

Greatham AGI New Build Complete

We have completed the Greatham AGI New Build Works for Northern Gas Networks.
The contract involved engineering, construction, testing, commissioning and hot tap connection works associated with the new HP to MP pressure reduction installation at Marsh House Lane, Greatham.

Roscommon Way Pipeline Diversion Contract Award

The works require the existing Canvey Island 12” feeder pipeline to be diverted for 150m along Haven Road in Canvey at the vicinity of Roscommon Way.
The scope of the works include excavation and cutting back on the existing 12” pipeline at the north & south tie-in points, breaking out an existing protection slab, auger boring a section of pipe installation for approx 60m, welding and installing the new diverted pipeline, grouting up of the existing redundant pipeline, testing and commissioning on completion of installation.